Danica, 69 years
My name is, and I am 69 years old. Since July 2014. I have been taking one capsule a day of Bulardi. Due to my medical condition I was stationed in CBC ‘’Dr Dragiša Mišović’’, when the doctors diagnosed infection by Clostridium difficile, and immediately prescribed Bulardi.
The problem was solved so fast. Bulardi is amazing, it regulated my stool, and I fell much better now. From that point on my immunity has improved and I no longer suffer from severe colds as I did in previous years. I still recommend Bulardi to everyone because it is really the best probiotic out there.
Retiree, 83 years from Mladenovac.
I have been suffering from diabetic enteropathy for a long time. I was treated with antibiotics, Erceflora, probiotics, Streptoxasole, Loperamide and nothing helped.
I had consistent watery stools a few times a day. My doctor gave me Bulardi, and after only 5-6 days of using it, I started having 2-3 regular and well-formed stools during the day.
Retiree, 78 years from Belgrade.
After intestinal perforation, I was urgently operated on in the Emergency Center, Belgrade.
Soon after the procedure, I received diarrhea. Stool sample was conducted and Candida and Staphylococcus was isolated.
Since I was on antibiotic therapy, there was a degree of suspicion that I in fact have another kind of infection, caused by Clostridium, which can be very dangerous.
My daughter, a doctor by profession, bought Bulardi and told me to take one capsule a day for the next 20 days, and if I do not feel any better, to increase the dosage to 2 capsules a day (2×1).
I started with one capsule as suggested. Bulardi helped very quickly, regulating my stool so there was no need for dosage increase.
Male, 69 years Nis
My husband had an operation 3 years ago. He had 3 stents installed. The surgery went well, but after transferring to Belgrade General Hospital, he developed diarrhea that lasted for 4 months non-stop. His weight dropped to 70kg, losing 20kg in the process. After that, he was transferred to Nis, and was stationed in the Infectious hospital wing. Soon after, he decided to leave the Hospital. However, after leaving he got feverish.
His days were almost all spent with him sitting on the toilet. Instead of resting, he was suffering with constant stomach problems. And above all that, he was afraid to even go to the rehabilitation that was recommended by his doctors, for the fear of diarrhea.
I bought him a magazine one day where I read an article about a lecture by doctor Krstic regarding stomach issues/nervous stomach, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea. I contacted the doctor and received a suggestion that my husband should start taking Bulardi 3×2 capsules a day, as to stop diarrhea, and after that Flobian 1×1 daily. After only a few capsules of Bulardi, diarrhea was gone, and Flobian sorted out the stomach, and now my husband has no issues with that whatsoever.
Male, 18 years
I was suffering from frequent stools (5-6/daily) losing weight rapidly. Coproculture and stool-candida was negative. Gastroenterological diagnosis, pared with special hepatological tests due to positive family anamnesis, has discarded any possibility of organic illness. I have tried all probiotic products (Prolife, Probiotik, Liobif…), but still suffered from diarrhea. By my cousin’s recommendation (who is a doctor) I started taking Bulardi capsules (2×1) and after third day I had normal stool, well formed. I continued taking Bulardi capsules for the next 15 days, and when the condition completely stabilized I continued with Flobian. I finished 2 boxes, and feel excellent now, and have gained my lost weight somewhat.
Female, 29. years, Doctor
Few days ago I got a fever reaching 39 degrees, nausea and diarrhea with 4 to 5 stools a day. I thought it will never stop, and I had a very important day the next morning and had to go to work. In the morning all the symptoms were still present. I took one capsule of Bulardi product. I had no more stools that day, worked (in all fairness, with high fever), and took another Bulardi Probiotic capsule in the evening just in case, and the diarrhea problem was solved…
Male, 70 years
I had a surgical procedure of the bladder tumor, afterwards receiving chemotherapy and radiation. During the subsequent therapy, I developed diarrhea and almost immediately got a suggestion from both my doctor and the urologist following my case to take Bulardi Probiotic, in the dose of 2 x 1 capsule a day. The condition mended fairly quickly, and the diarrhea stopped completely after only 7 days of taking Bulardi Probiotic.
Female 78 years
For the past eight months I have been suffering from diarrhea up to 3 or 4 watery stools every day. All test done excluded any organic cause of diarrhea. Coproculture had good results, but the diarrhea persisted and I lost 15kg. I got no therapy, except advices on diet and rehydration. After every meal I would get diarrhea, so in the end I would skip meals. I stopped going out of the house and go to doctors, as to prevent ‘surprise’ diarrhea. When my daughter saw me after some time she was surprised by my looks (‘’skin and bones, eyes bulging and psychologically altered’’. Soon after starting with Bulardi (1×1 capsule a day) and Flobian (1×1 capsule a day) diarrhea was stopped. I continued the therapy and soon felt the desire and courage as well, to finally eat something, with no fear of diarrhea afterward.
Now, 3 months after I started taking Flobian and Bulardi products, I feel so much better, my bowel movements are regulated, I have gained some of the lost weight (3.5kg) and have been told that ‘my face colour has returned’. I feel great, take regular walks and I tell everyone about the therapy that saved me.
Male, 67 years
I have juvenile diabetes that I take therapy for. Due to complications from the primary disease, my shin was amputated so I walk with difficulty and with the help of others. Recently I had diarrhea (diabetic enterocolitis), with a couple of watery stools a day, but reaching the toilet every few minutes was a grave problem. My doctor suggested I take Bulardi capsules. I took 2 x 1 capsules that day, and the diarrhea stopped the same day.
Male, 70 years, retiree
After invasive diagnostics and prostate operation, I was receiving antibiotic therapy, after which diarrhea started, with some blood and phlegm inside. I started taking Bulardi product, 2×1 capsule a day which regulated my bowel movements. Diarrhea was stopped and now I have no more blood or phlegm in my stool.
Male, 46 years, Engineer of biochemistry
I suffer from IBS and Crohn’s, as well as from Thrombophlebitis (anticoagulant therapy is contraindicated in my case). I take regularly my therapy for Crohn’s disease (5 ASA), but was in exacerbation period, with extreme bloody and slimy stools, followed by meteorism. My doctor suggested taking Bulardi, and when the stools became less frequent and more regulated, I started taking Flobian alongside my regular therapy. I feel so MUCH BETTER NOW. With no meteorism (violent bowel movements), and when I went for a check up to my doctor I told her „that thing works”!!!
Female, 67 years
After reaching my work one day I felt cramping in my stomach, nausea and fatigue. During the afternoon I was troubled with 6-7 watery stools. I took that day 2 capsules of Bulardi and diarrhea stopped right away. Tomorrow I was feeling much better already, with my stool normalized and willing and able to go to work the next day.
Female, 83 years
Few months ago I had a pelvis fracture. After hospitalisation in IOHB Banjica, I went for rehabilitation to the Clinic M. Zotović, MD. Due to newly formed urinary infection, a catheter was applied. And a long antibiotic treatment. After one month of the antibiotic therapy I started having watery stools (7 times a day) and I started using Bulardi 2×1 capsule a day). I finished three boxes of Bulardi product and my stool was regulated. After exiting the hospital, I contracted pneumonia and was once again treated with antibiotics, so the stool soon got softer (not diarrhea). I began using Bulardi again and the stool normalized immediately. I soon recovered completely.
Female, 76 years.
I was operated on the 13th of October 2010. On the ‘’Surgery Institute KCMF’’ for calculosis inside ductus holedocus and papilla vateri stenosis. I was receiving a therapy consisting of Longacef 1gram and Garamycin 120mg twice daily through infusions. Post-operative stage went normal, and the wound healed without complications but after 5 days I developed diarrhea, around 10 stools a day with painful cramps in my stomach. Diarrhea that I could not control led to fatigue and dehydration. I was once again admitted in very bad state to the surgery department under a diagnosis of viral pseudomembranous colitis and was transferred to Infectious Clinic Department. Due to illness exacerbation on the Infectious Clinic stool sample confirmed presence of the Clostridium difficile toxin. A therapy included amp. Vancomycin 11g, amp. of Metronidazole twice a day and Bulardi Probiotic 2×2 capsules a day. Diarrhea stopped, and I was released from the hospital after 6 days, but continue using Bulardi in the same dosage for another month. I started eating like I did prior to the surgical procedure with the second month using also Bulardi but in a different dosage: 3×1 capsule a day. Third month involved Bulardi 2×1 capsule a day, but every stomach issue due to bad diet, like cramps I was sorting out with Bulardi Probiotic. I currently take only one capsule a day of Bulardi and slowly introducing the diet I was on prior to the operation and I feel great. Thank you BULARDI Probiotic! “
I had no more stomach issues.
And since that time, my house always has Bulardi Probiotic capsules just in case.
Female, Doctor, Nis.
My daughter is 2 years old. Due to illness, antibiotics had to be used. Although she was on a strengthened vitamin diet, due to antibiotic use she developed diarrhea. I gave her one capsule of Bulardi Probiotic. Diarrhea stopped within one hour, so I kept giving her one capsule a day of Bulardi Probiotic. She no longer had stomach problems whatsoever.
And since that time, my house always has Bulardi Probiotic capsules just in case.
Male, 48 years
It all happened in expectation of a very important work related trip. Stomach pains, sudden bowel movements and then not long after exhausting and frequent stools. Every activity had to be ceased. The only thing I could concentrate on was to reach the toilet on tile when the urge inevitably comes. Although certain that I might be forced to cancel my meetings and trip, my colleague gave me 2 capsules of Bulardi Probiotic. Soon after I stopped running to the toilet. I could still feel some minor discomfort, but after a couple of hours, the situation calmed down completely.
In the evening, I took one more capsule of Bulardi to be sure that the problem will not return in the morning and when morning came, I set off for my planned trip. Since then, I recommend Bulardi to everyone.
Male, 27 years.
It is ironic that I work in the company distributing Bulardi. In September this year I was returning from the congress held on Kopaonik. One of the main products that we presented to the doctors was Bulardi. As I needed to return to Belgrade earlier than planned, I left all my congress material there and left for Belgrade. I did not reach 3 kilometres when the stomach started troubling me. First gas station, second gas station and all the way to Belgrade. Worst of all was that I was travelling with a female colleague, to whom I had to admit eventually that I developed diarrhea. Soon as I got home, I took 2 capsules of Bulardi. After 30 minutes my stomach calmed down, so I had a good night sleep. In the morning I took 2 more capsules and all was great. Since then, I always carry one box of Bulardi in my car… Just in case.
Male, 38 years.
I woke up with stomach and back pain and a sudden urge to run to the toilet. Due to work obligations, I went to the office instead. Agony continued during work hours and I was starting to feel really bad. Still, being one of those who do not like taking ‘tablets’, moreover I cannot even stand them, I thought the problem will just pass somehow.
I became very pale, so my colleague made me take Bulardi capsules..
She emptied the capsule and dissolved it in some water so I took it without issue.
Relief came very quickly, with less frequent toilet visits, and after second dosage of Bulardi I had no more problems.
I am certain that next time, I will not wait long.