Can we use Bulardi® Probiotic simultaneously with antibiotics?


Bulardi® Probiotic can be used concurrently with the antibiotics, because it contains the yeast Saccharomyces boluardii which is absolutely resistant to them. Thus the only reasonable use of the product Bulardi® Probiotic the prevention and treatment of diarrhea caused by antibiotics.


How Bulardi® Probiotic prevents diarrhea?


Bulardi® Probiotic stops diarrhea almost immediately, prevents diarrhea when traveling, and diarrhea resulting from antibiotic treatment. Bulardi® Probiotic has high antimicrobial activity (acting on a wide range of pathogens – bacteria, viruses, parasites, and eliminates them from the body), it also has antitoxin effects (disintegrating agents and toxins are eliminated, preventing binding to receptors), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation) , a protective effect on the bowel wall and helps to regenerate damaged intestinal epithelium.


Can children use Bulardi® Probiotic?


Yes, Bulardi® Probiotic can be used by children, even by newborns.

However for newborns we recommend that you ask your doctor for advice.


How do I use Bulardi® Probiotic?


Bulardi® Probiotic should be used by recommended doses, if you want to efficiently prevent or stop diarrhea. In case of current diarrhea one capsule a day is advised. If you are traveling we are recommending one capsule a day 5 days prior to a trip.


Can Bulardi® Probiotic prevent travelers diarrhea and how?


Yes it can, if you are taking it 5 days prior to your travels and all the way while you are travelling.


How long can I take Bulardi® Probiotic?


Bulardi® Probiotic doesn’t have side effects, therefore you can take him as long as you need it.


Do I have to take Bulardi® Probioticwith food?


You can take Bulardi® Probiotic regardless of your food intake.


I have a problem with swallowing capsules, can I dissolve the capsule and consume the substance with water or juice?


Of course, dissolve it and mix it with your juice or food. Whatever you prefer.


How to use Bulardi® Probiotic?


In case of diarrhea:                       1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at the evening
With antibiotics:                                 1 capsule a day
Before traveling:                                1 capsule a day, 5 days
During travel:                                     1 capsule a day
Children up to 12 years:                   1 capsule a day

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