10 times larger cells

 One cell of Bulardi Probiotics has 10 times more surface than probiotic bacteria. So, it binds a number of pathogens for itself and speeds up their elimination from the body!



The only one with the Antibiotics

Bulardi Probiotic as a probiotic yeast is naturally resistant to all antibiotics, making it perfect in the fight against antibiotic diarrhea. There is no possibility of transferring genetic material between bacteria and yeast, so yeast-based probiotic is safer during therapy with antibiotics.

80 years in 80 countries

The entire developed world for 80 years has used Bulardi to solve the problem of diarrhea. Bulardi Probiotics stops diarrhea in a record time, normalizes bowel function, relieves symptoms and shortens the duration of existing diarrhea!

Recommended by ESPGHAN, WHO, and UNICEF

A unique combination of Bulardi Probiotic Junior (S. boulardii + zinc) is recommended by the European Society for Pediatrics, gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. Can be used by children from the second month of their life!


“I woke up with abdominal pain and back pain and the urgent need to run to the bathroom. Due to work commitments I couldn’t afford not go go to the office. It wasn’t temporary problem, and the agony continued. I still had to go to the toilet very often and I felt really bad. However, as not one of those people who don’t like to drink tablets, I thought that the problem would stop by itself. I was terribly pale and colleagues literally forced me to drink Bulardi. They dissolved two capsule into some water and I drank it with no problems.

After only an hour I felt better already! My frequent toilet visits slowly started disappearing, and by the next day I had no more problems. I’m sure next time will not leave my stomach to destiny and I will act faster. “

“Life can be ironic, and irony in this story is that I’ve used to work in a company that was a distributor of this product. In September, I returned from a seminare. During the congress we were showcasing the famous Bulardi plus. However I had to return to the city sooner and get more samples and advertising materials for the seminare. I moved away for a few kilometers when the stomach started bothering me. I had to make a pit stop at every single gas station in order to relief myself. It was embarrassing, because I had pretty nurse in my car, to whom I had to admit that I have diarrhea. As soon as I got home I drank two capsules of Bulardi plus. It took around an hour to calm the stomach, so I slept well that night. In the morning I drank two more, and everything was ok. Since then, I always keep an extra box in my car, so I don’t get caught of guard.”

“It all happened before an important business trip. Abdominal pain, sudden bowel movements, an exhausting and frequent toilet breaks. Every other activity was disrupted. Only what I have to focus on was the time I get to the toilet when the urge persists. And when I was already sure I’ll have to cancel a planned meeting a colleague gave me two capsules Bulardi. Soon after my “toilet party” stopped. I felt the stomach discomfort for some time, but after an hour or two the situation has completely improved. At night I again took Bulardi Probiotic, so I was quite sure that the problem will not return in the morning and went on a long planned trip. Since then I recommend it to anyone. “

“My daughter is two years old. Due to illness we had to include antibiotics in her therapy. Although those days she had increased vitamin therapy, the use of antibiotics resulted in diarrhea. Because of diarrhea, I gave her one capsule Bulardi plus. Diarrhea was stopped after an hour. The next day, I also gave her one capsule Bulardi plus. No longer she has any stomach problems. I was so affraid for my child. This was a God given product, and I know she was safe with it! “

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